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Oct 6, 2012 7:00am PDT
in the first place doctor. >> in his weekly address, he says there are signs the economy is bouncing back. he pointed to yesterday's jobs report, which showed the nation's unemployment at 7.8%. that's the loy he lowest -- lowt figure since january 2009. he said businesses have added 5.2 million jobs in the past two and a half years. he will. >> attend a star studded concert tomorrow. the president also has a fund-raiser with former president bill clinton. on monday, as we said, president obama will announce the establishment of the caesar chavez monument. elf's -- he will arrive in the afternoon. there's a funds racing concert with john legend, and $20,000 a plate dinner. alex smith is expected to attend. >>> still basking in the success of wednesday's presidential debate, republican nominee mitt romney is in the electoral rich state of florida. romney and his wife anne were greeted by a throng of supporters waving american flags in st. petersburg,. >> he got a chance to explain his program, how he will create new jobs. did you hear what he had to say? i didn't either. >> later, the romneys s
Oct 8, 2012 7:00am PDT
.s. economy. >>> walmart and american express are teaming up for a card for shoppers. the blue beard card is designed to be an alternative to checking accounts. walmart says there will be cash cash there will be no -- there will be no monthly minimum fees. >>> general motors is hiring. gm says it will hire as many as 1500 workers to staff a new computer technology center in warren, michigan. the center is one of four gm plants to open in the u.s. the automaker says it could hire as many as 10,000 technology employees in the next three to five years. there are conflicting reports this morning on a work stoppage at the chinese factory that makes apple's icons. there was disputes between workers group and managers. work did stop on friday and production was paralyzed. both sides agree workers are on the job today. >>> red bull is about to offer something it's never tried before. it will introduce cranberry, lime and blueberry drinks. they will be sold in red, white, and blue cans. the new flavors will be in stores next march. >>> 7:45. the first ever target store in san francisco will soon b
Oct 9, 2012 7:00am PDT
4. >>> 7:44. the international monetary fund warns the global economy will grow more slowly during the coming year. the imf released its quart terly update at a meeting in tokyo. the chief economist warns the biggest threats are the eurozone crisis, the failure of u.s. policymakers to agree on a fiscal plan and -- plan and japan's inability to reduce its budget deficit. >> it's difficult to nail down exactly what the strengths of this is. >> blancheard said it is possible if all of the right dreichers are taken by the right -- companies and if all of the right moves are taken. >>> breaking news. jerry sandusky has been sentenced to no less than 30 years in prison for his child abuse conviction. here's more. >> reporter: good morning, ken, tori. that's right the judge said the total years would be no less than 30, no less than 20. centuries in jail would be too abstract. 30 to 60 years has the same impact of saying the rest of your life. sandusky is 68 years old. now, he did -- he did give a statement in the courtroom. two times during the statement he said,dy not do these disgustin
Oct 10, 2012 7:00am PDT
economy. 300 new employees were hired on to get it target store up and running at the metreon. again, today, the soft opening, the store just opened at 7:00. there are sort of some small crowds inside. but there is an official grand opening that will happen this sunday. we're live in san francisco, alex savage -- alex savidge, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you. >>> sal, what's happening on 680 in walnut creek? >> it's pretty slow. i think a lot of people have heard about the bay bridge. they decided to use 680 to head down to san ramon, perhaps get on the san mateo bridge. it's not an original idea. there was an accident near el pintato, a minor crash causing minor delays there. so 680 is not good heading down into alamo through all of walnut creek. 24 is moderately heavy. and then of course at the bay bridge we've had the big parking lot there because of an earlier crash. let's look at the macarthur maze now. you can see traffic is not improving now as we get to the peak of the commute. 508 is backed up all the way out -- all the way out behind hide street. that's how bad it is. 80
Oct 7, 2012 7:00am PDT
including john gave men day of fairfield. will he head to los angeles to discuss the economy. >>> there was comedy mixed with discourse last night. bill o'reilly went head to head with john stewart. their 90 minute debate was streamed live on the internet and topics include foreign policy, entitlements, and the economy. >> income redistribution. do you believe in it? >> do you? >> no. i asked first. >> how is this a two personality such as yourselves are polar opposites coming together when congress can't. what advise would you give congress? [ laughter ] >> wait wait wait. >> you have to laugh. that is funny. the debate was dubbed the rumble in the air conditioned auditorium. proceeds went to charities. >>> space x is scheduled to send another shipment to the international space station. it plans to launch its unmanned dragon cargo ship tomorrow night. however thick clouds are a big concern and forecasters say there is a 60% chance of rain. this could delay the launch. this will be the second space x mission to the space station. >>> the prices at the pump went up again over
Oct 13, 2012 7:00am PDT
economy. he said that bailing bailing out the automakers created a quarter million new jobs. he is prepping for the debate in new york. romney also gearing up for that. he is meeting top advisers in ohio. later today he has two campaign stops there. >> a shooting outside the obama campaign office in denver. own bullet shattered an office window. nobody was hit. the broken window was boarded up. police say they have a description of a vehicle of interest and they are trying to find if the office was targeted or hit by a stray bullet. >>> we know how much money victims of the aurora colorado shooting will get from donations. families plus victims who had permanent damage will get 1 75,000 dollars each. others will get an amount based on how long they were in the hospital. >>> the sheriff of san joaquin county count county said he was takenna back by a report that mixed remains were given to a victim's mother. a box of bones was given to joan shelley, she was told they were her daughter but a lab later said only some of the bones belonged to her daughter. one of the bones is bein
Oct 12, 2012 7:00am PDT
economy. germany, which is europe's largest creditor, says slowing down debt reduction hurts the credibility of the european union. >>> if you travel to travel on the bart, there will be delays for testing between lafayette and pleasant grove. tomorrow trains will be on manual mode between walnut creek and pleasant hill. passengers should expect delays of 10 minutes. testing is expected to be completed tomorrow night with service back to normal by sunday. >>> we don't have 10 minute delays. >>> let's take a look at the toll plaza. it's still moving very slowly. they try to meter the traffic getting into san francisco stacked up onto the east shore. 580 is a mess getting into the city. people don't expect this really on a friday, but if you're trying to get into the city in your car you're going to be waiting 45 minutes, maybe an hour, depending where you join the line, and it's going to be tough. if you're trying to take bart, it has been doing well getting in and out of san francisco. let's move along to the bridge. some people have been using that or trying to . i would rec
Search Results 0 to 6 of about 7